2015 Photo Contest Runner-up- Prescribed Burn, McClaughry Spring Woods near Palos, Daiva Gylys
2015 Photo Contest Runner-up- Prescribed Burn, McClaughry Spring Woods near Palos, Daiva Gylys


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Powderhorn recipient of support for major restoration project

Posted: January 24th, 2017

By Douglas Chien, Powderhorn Site Steward Contained within Powderhorn Lake Forest Preserve is a very special and rare place, a place with an exciting ecological restoration project happening soon. A project that myself and a team of volunteers have worked towards for the past 10-years. Powderhorn Prairie Nature Preserve is the only Illinois Nature Preserve […]

The 1,000th Shrub

Posted: November 2nd, 2016

By Jeff Skrentny (Read at the planting celebration of the 1,000th shrub at LaBagh Woods 10/30/16) LaBagh is home to many things; Almost 200 native plants, including a handful of very rare ones, One found for the first time just this year; Five species of mighty native oak; Plus numerous other native hardwood tree species; […]

From Passionate Volunteer to Program Assistant

Posted: October 6th, 2016

I’m Maggie Jones and I was the Program Assistant for the Forest Preserve Experience Program this past summer.  My interest in all things outdoors began as a kid growing up in eastern Iowa. I loved animals and plants and exploring what my backyard and local parks had to offer. Some of my favorite memories from […]

Portage Woods

Posted: June 22nd, 2016

Have you ever heard of Portage Woods? Let me give you a little history on it. It is thought to be the birthplace of Chicago because of the first encounter of French explorers Père Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet back in 1673. They passed by there by mistake, trying to find the “Great Lake.” Because […]

Diversity in Environmental Education

Posted: June 9th, 2016

Back in February of 2016, I was given the opportunity to go and present at the 11th Biennial Conference on University Education in Natural Resources. I presented along with Alice Brandon, Resource Management Administrator, and John McCabe, Resource Management Director of the Forest Preserves of Cook County. I was excited and nervous at the same […]

Changing Perspectives on Camping

Posted: May 16th, 2016

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about camping? Take a second to really think. Did you think about a nice pristine lake? Or did you think about a set of mountains that light bounces right off of into the meadows? If you’re like Dyrell Williams, Friends of the Forest Preserves […]

A Day at the Museum

Posted: March 2nd, 2016

This past Saturday I was given the opportunity to job shadow Robert Telfer and Ian Viteri at the Field Museum. While job shadowing Robert Telfer I was given the opportunity to sit in on a meeting for an event they have coming up. This year is the big year event for Eggers Woods. They invite […]

Turning Dreams into Reality

Posted: February 22nd, 2016

Adam Medel from the Forest Preserve Leadership Corps is learning first hand how to turn his passion for fire management into a lifelong career… “On Thursday February 18th, I completed a job shadow with Stuart Goldman at Indian Boundary Prairies. I decided to shadow Stuart because of his experience in fire management, and my goals […]

The Green Brick Road: My journey as an environmentalist

Posted: January 6th, 2016

It all started with a stuffed polar bear. That is how my journey as an environmentalist began. It was gifted to me as a child and I still have it to this day. I became so attached to that stuffed polar bear that I remember watching those commercials about dying polar bears on melting icebergs […]

Master Naturalists in Cook County

Posted: October 28th, 2015

One century ago this year, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign launched its flagship outreach effort in the form of the Extension School (you can learn more about its history here). Today, Extension offers educational programs in all of Illinois’ 102 counties. Coincidentally, the school shares its centennial anniversary with none other than the Forest […]