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Chicago Conservation Leadership Corps Crew Member Spotlight- Jose Dondiego

Posted: July 29th, 2014

Jose Dondiego, Chicago Conservation Leadership Corps Eggers Grove crew memberName: Jose Dondiego
Age: 18
School: Graduated from Whiney Young High School in 2014
Crew: Eggers Grove (Known as the Devil Eggers)

1. What is something you are passionate about? Medicine is something I’m very passionate about besides conservation work because, in any other way they both can combine together. Conservation is my second passion because being outdoors is just a stress reliever and it helps me focus on other things in life.

2. Is this your first conservation job? My first job in conservation was the year round program for the Student Conservation Association. Many things excite me when it comes to being outdoor like getting rid of invasive species, learning more about native plants and meeting new people.

3. Why do you think conservation is important? Conservation is very important to me because we need to preserve the very natural habitat we have, not only just in the U.S but in the entire world. Being involved in the conservation work gives me a great feeling, knowing that I’m doing a great thing to conserve natural habitats and ecosystems.

4. If you got the chance to go anywhere, where would you go? African plains and the African savannas.

Jesse Hernandez and Jose Dondiego, Chicago Conservation Leadership Corps Apprentice Crew Leader, Forest Preserve Leadership CorpsBy: Jesse Hernandez, Apprentice Crew Leader for Eggers Grove, Chicago Conservation Leaderships Corps

Jesse began his career with the Student Conservation Association in his Freshmen year of high school at Infinity Math, Science and Technology. He enjoys spending his time playing basketball, sleeping, and spending time with a special person. When he isn’t doing all of that he is out working with for Friends of the Forest Preservers.

Not only is Jesse a leader in Friends’ CCLC, he’s also a crew member of our Forest Preserve Leadership Corps.

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